Does the name  Leila al-Ghandour ring a bell?  Probably not.   But, just as probably, you’ve heard of her.

Leila al-Ghandour was the 8 month old baby that, world media lamented, was killed by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border during one of those “protest” events earlier this month.

Can you imagine?  Those murderous Israelis killing an innocent child during an innocent protest in which innocent people asked for nothing more than basic rights?  Oh, the humanity!

Well, as it turns out your imagination is exactly what you’d need.  Because that is not at all what happened.

The truth – via an article in London’s Daily Guardian, is that the child had pre-existing heart conditions and her death had nothing whatsoever to do with Israeli soldiers.  Even the Gaza authorities acknowledge as much.

And the peaceful protest was one of a series of ongoing attacks on Israel being perpetrated by the hamas terrorists who run Gaza, in which their own people are used as human shields.

Now, can someone -maybe one of the reporters who put that lie out to the world and let it sit there for a week – explain to me why anyone would take an 8 month old baby – especially a seriously sick 8 month old baby – to a “protest” – like this?  A protest where, among other activities, tires were intentionally burned, causing noxious fumes which both sides would breathe?

It’s bad enough that the retraction of a phony story, almost two weeks after the fact, is virtually meaningless – most people who “know” what happened to  Leila al-Ghandour will never see it.

But worse still that the same media which propagated this lie, also continually lies about the nature of what is happening on the Gaza border.

Here’s a tip for them:  when people, whose charter specifically calls for the death of all Jews (not just in Israel but everywhere else), tries to breach the border with Israel and invade, this is not equivalent to a sit-in at the local college.

And the soldiers who are being attacked with rocks and mortars by the people whose mission is to kill them all, are probably going to do something about it.

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