From Paul Mirengoff’s article at powerlineblog.com, we have this exchange – which occurred on January 6, 2017 – between Senator Tom Cotton and james clapper:

Sen. Cotton: Director Clapper, you said to Senator McCain earlier “the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact” on the election [of Russian activity]. Is that because that kind of electoral analysis is not a task that’s within the traditional responsibility and skill sets of the intelligence services?

Clapper: That’s correct.

Sen. Cotton: That’s something that’s more suited for someone like Sean Trende or Michael Barone or Nate Silver — election analysts that have written extensively on the election.

Clapper: Well, it certainly isn’t within the purview of the intelligence community.

In other words, james clapper told us, almost a year and a half ago, that, in his capacity as CIA director, he had no capability to gauge whether Russia had any impact on the 2016 election.

But now?

In Mr. Mirengoff’s words:

Yet now, Clapper does exactly what he says he lacks the training and skills to do — he asserts, with certainty, that Russian activity swung the election to Trump. And Rachel Maddow, doing exactly what Clapper wants, trumpets this assessment as coming from “the director of national intelligence during the Russian attack on the election.”

The point?  It is that james clapper is a liar.  And his willing left wing stooges, like Rachel Maddow (far from the only one), are happy to trumpet his lies.

What would the clappers, and brennans and comeys of the world do without a media which, for the most part, look the other way at every lie…because they like what clapper, brennan, comey and others like them are saying?

I’d love to find out.

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