Did you know that nicolas maduro, the “elected” President of Venezuela (a vote count every bit as suspect as the last two for his predecessor and mentor, hugo chavez), is arming vigilante groups and looking the other way as they open fire on the opposition?

According to Fabiola Sanchez and Frank Bajak\’s article for the Associated Press, there are at least 7 dead and 30 wounded in just the last month – totals which a) are probably understated and b) sure to rise.

And since Venezuela is the single most important country propping up the economic disaster that is Cuba, is it hard to imagine that the castro boys, fidel and raul, are coaching maduro from the sidelines?

The thinking, such as it is, may be that if bashar al-assad can get away with this in Syria, why not nicolas maduro in Venezuela?  Besides, since the Syrian uprising, an estimated 150,000 are dead, so what has happened in Venezuela – to this point, anyway – is small potatoes, right?

And, in any event, who will do a thing about it?  Certainly not U.S. President Barack Obama; he can\’t risk angering the Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover crowd with all that Democrat-bound Hollywood $$$, can he?

We\’ll keep an eye on this, and see whether maduro\’s death squads cause the popular uprising in Venezuela to slow down or intensify. 

Me?  I just hope maduro is gone, sooner rather than later, and the Venezuelan people finally get a shot at a fair election.

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