Another day, another report that the ocean debris which appeared to finally explain the fate of Malaysia flight #370 had nothing to do with it, and the search continues.

This latest time, it was “orange” debris which could have been part of the plane…but Australian officials are saying is “fishing equipment”.

Remember last week, when they “found” the wreckage – 70 or so pieces of it floating in the south Indian Ocean – and then, the next day, revised their claims and were looking at another site, almost 700 miles away?

I do not blame the countries looking for this ill-fated flight to report that they see something, somewhere.  But I do blame media for jumping all over each report and making it lead-story news, without the slightest idea of what has actually been sited.  It is horribly unfair to the relatives and friends of the passengers and crew, and a waste of time for everyone else.

Don\’t these people have something real to report about?

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