leland yee is a state senator from California.

He is also a former candidate to be San Francisco\’s mayor, and California\’s Secretary of State.

And, most recently, he has been arrested and charged with taking bribes and attempting to facilitate gun sales to a jihadist-linked organization.

Is yee\’s story worthy of news coverage?  Not to CNN.

You might, at this point, wonder why CNN would not provide any coverage of the allegations concerning leland yee.  Well, so did someone who goes under the name “indypundit” (he describes himself as a conservative 20-something law student, but I can\’t vouch for that). 

When “Indypundit” tweeted CNN and asked, here is the response he got:


  1.  The INDYpundit @TheINDYpundit
  2. Curious that the Leland Yee story appears nowhere on @CNN\’s website. What say you, @CNNWriters ?

@TheINDYpundit It\’s in line with us covering state senators & state secretary of state races just about never. You see another conspiracy?


That snarky and obnoxious enough for you?

Oh, by the way, I went to CNN\’s web site and did a search on leland yee – the guy who CNN claims is not important enough to report about.  And, funny thing:  it yielded 8 different articles, ranging from legislation to give juvenile offenders a second chance right down to whether shark fin soup should be banned in California.  Here, see for yourself.

In other words, CNN most certainly does report about leland yee.  But, in CNN\’s world, a story about yee\’s reaction to a ban on shark fin soup is more newsworthy than a story about his being arrested for bribery and arms trafficking.

Anyone wondering whether leland yee is a Democrat?  I didn\’t think so.

CNN used to call itself the most trusted name in news.   For all I know, it still might do so.

Does this give you any reason to trust CNN for news?  If so, get a good night\’s sleep and be sure to take those logic restoration pills your doctor gave you.  Because you need them.  Badly.

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