There is a very interesting, and illuminating article today from the Associated Press\’s Steven Ohlemacher, regarding the richest congressional districts and which party they vote for. 

Ask most people who rely on mainstream media for their news, and the answer would probably be that Republicans predominate in this districts; after all isn\’t the Republican Party where all the rich people hang out?

With a lead-in like that, I probably don\’t have to finish this blog for you to know where it is heading, but…

…of the 10 richest congressional districts in the United States (per capita income, based on census bureau data)?  The 6 richest, and 8 of the top 10, vote Democrat:

1:   New York\’s 12th District (Carolyn Maloney – D)

2:  California\’s 33rd District (Henry Waxman – D)

3:  New York\’s 10th District (Jerrold Nadler – D)

4:   California\’s 18th District (Anna Eshoo – D)

5:   Connecticut\’s 4th District (Jim Himes – D)

6:   Virginia\’s 8th District (Jim Moran – D)

7:   New Jersey\’s 7th District (Leonard Lance – R)

8:   California\’s 12th District (Nancy Pelosi – D)

9:   New York\’s 3rd District (Steve Israel – D)

10: Virginia\’s 10th District (Frank Wolf – R)

Surprised?  If so, you definitely need to wean yourself off reliance on a mainstream media which, in recent times, have become so much more partisan and less professional that they have become a running joke. 

How sad that, these days, when an article like this appears, you are as surprised by the fact that it was published at all as you are by its informational content.

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