New mayor, new policy.

Now that political chameleon Michael Bloomberg has ended his three-term stint as Mayor of New York and hard-left Bill de Blasio has taken over, New York no longer uses a “stop and frisk” strategy for keeping shootings down and taking guns off the street.

Mr. de Blasio and his people believe that the policy was racist because it was disproportionately used in mostly-Black parts of the city.  The fact that gun shootings/killings were disproportionately taking place in those parts of the city?  Irrelevant\’n\’immaterial.

So how is this working out?

Read the following excerpt from a June 10th article in the New York Post, and see for yourself:

Thenumber of shooting victims has skyrocketed across the city this year- up 43 percent in just the last month – while fewer guns arecoming off the streets, NYPD statistics reveal.

Butsources told The Post it will only get worse in the hotter summermonths, and that the alarming trend is the result of a more”reactive” police force handicapped by the inability to usetactics like stop-and-frisk.

Inthe last month alone, 129 people were shot, according to the latestCompStat figures, or 43.3 percent more than for the same period lastyear.

SinceJanuary, there has been an overall 13.2 percent increase in shootingvictims, while 10.2 percent fewer guns have been recovered comparedto 2013.

Does that suggest that “stop and frisk” might have had some value – maybe a great deal of it – and that ending this procedure might not have been the best idea in the world? 

Look I appreciate Mayor deBlasio\’s good intentions.  And I agree that, in a more perfect world, it would be ideal to end stop and frisk.  Heck, in a more perfect world, we wouldn\’t even need the police force.

But this is not a more perfect world.  This is the real world.  And the Mayor, at this point, has to at least consider the possibility that ending “stop and frisk”, however good it might make him feel inside, was not the right thing to do.

Just one other point:  as noted above, this article appeared in the New York Post on June 10th.  That was three weeks ago.  Other than this, have you seen anything about New York\’s dramatic uptick in gun-related crime during this period?

A quick note to the “journalists” who somehow could not find a reason to tell us about this:  hiding facts does not make them go away.  Ask a few of the shooting victims who survived – I\’m sure they will agree.

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