Don\’t you love it when someone exposes his/her own BS?

Today\’s quote comes to us from Julie Mason, veteran White House correspondent who, for the past 3 years, has hosted Sirius XM\’s “Press Pool”.

Here is what Ms. Mason had to say during a panel discussion about intense press coverage of the IRS scandal (as she claims) or lack of coverage (as I, and the other panel members, see it):

“They\’renot trying to protect President Obama. That”s over”

I wonder if Ms. Mason understands that, with those words, she told us the press was protecting President Obama – that the issue is not whether President Obama has had an Accomplice Media, but whether he still does.

Note to Ms. Mason:  the answer is yes, he still does – even if you can\’t see it in your insulated little bubble-world.

But wait: that\’s not all.  Here are her very next words:

Wedon\’t have subpoena power. It\’s up to the lawmakers to find theproof. They have the power to do that.”

Translation: Investigative reporting? What\’s that? 

I\’ll just bet she felt the same way about Woodward and Bernstein….

I award Julie Mason Quote Of The Day honors for, in the course of trying to defend mainstream media\’s neutrality, acknowledging that he has had an Accomplice Media instead.

But does she even realize she did it? Ironically, unless Ms. Mason reads this blog – a dubious prospect – I wonder if she\’ll ever come across anyone in her crowd honest enough to tell her.

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