We\’ve all heard the talking points.  It\’s those rich, damn, billionaire Republicans, headed by those rich, damn, billionaire Koch brothers, who are trying to buy elections with all their rich, damn, billionaire money.

And everyone knows it\’s true, right?  I mean, when have Barack Obama and Harry Reid ever lied to us?

Well, politifact.com – hardly what you\’d call a right wing entity – decided to do a bit of checking on this well known fact.

And its conclusion regarding this well known fact is…….well, no fact.

Excerpted from the politifact write-up:

Wecross-checked the Open Secrets listof the top 100 individualsdonating to outside spending groups in the current election againstthe Forbeslist of the world\’s billionairesand found that, as of June 19, there were 22 individuals on the OpenSecrets list who were billionaires. Of those 22 billionaires, 13 –or more than half — gave predominantly to liberal groups or groupsaffiliated with the Democratic Party. The other nine gavepredominantly to conservative groups. (Alist of billionaires and how much they donated can be found here.)

To hear Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid and a plethora of other Democrats tell it, you\’d swear the Republican/Democrat party differential would be either a complete schneid (i.e. all 22 giving to Republican/conservative/tea party candidates), or close.

But the reality is that those rich, damn, billionaires with all their rich, damn, billionaire bucks, primarily give to Democrats/liberals.  

Truth may or may not be stranger than fiction.  But it is always truer than fiction.  And fiction is what Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid and their cohorts have been feeding us all this time.

Now grow old waiting for a retraction – either from the Democrats who have spouted their billionaire-based baloney, or the Accomplice Media which have dutifully spouted it right along with them.

My proof?  The politifact article excerpted above was issued on June 23rd – one full week ago.  Other than here, how many places have you seen a word about it?

I rest my case.

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