I just found out about the Supreme Court\’s ruling (5-4), that Hobby Lobby (and other companies) can say “no” to ObamaCare on the grounds that it offers contraception which go against the ownership\’s religious beliefs.

I did not find this out on TV or the internet.  I found out via a call from an absolutely irate colleague and friend, who hoped that I would write a scathing blog condemning this decision.

I like this person a lot, and wish I could accommodate her.  But I can\’t. 

That is because, while I do not share the religious beliefs held by Hobby Lobby\’s ownership, I understand and accept – in principle – their position that the company should not have to pay for contraception procedures they consider to be abortion-inducing, thus infanticide.

In this regard, please note that ObamaCare offers 20 contraception procedures, only 4 of which are being challenged by Hobby Lobby.  No objection has been voiced regarding the other 16.

I do not hold with the argument that this denies women “the right to choose”, because a) as noted above, Hobby Lobby does not object to most of the contraception procecdures offered by ObamaCare and b) the company is not saying women should be banned from using the other 4, only that, for reasons of religious faith, it does not want to be forced to pay for them.

It will be interesting to see how the Obama administration intends to address this ruling – a subject I will have no opinion on until I know what they intend to do. 

Stay tuned.  This isn\’t over yet.

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