Now the sentencing of Roger Stone is a full-blown scandal.  How do I know?  NBC News told me, because that is how it referenced Stone’s sentencing at the beginning of this morning’s Today Show.

So they must have been referring to the fact that, while Democrat political operatives, and their pals did everything Stone did, and a lot worse – like, for example, then-FBI Director james comey, who swore to the validity of the Steele dossier to the FISA court, while KNOWING it was unverified, which resulted in a 2+ year, $35 million dollar investigation into nothing.  Right?

Or they must have been referring to the fact that instead of asking/demanding Stone come in for questioning, there was a pre-dawn raid on his house, with armored cars and armed law enforcement officers wearing bulletproof vests – to roust a 67 year old man with no criminal record and no record of violence out of his bed, and terrify his wife….all with a CNN camera crew there to record it (what an amazing coincidence – you’re supposed to believe no one told them to be there, it was just good luck).  Right?

Or they must have been talking about the fact that the presiding judge was Amy Berman Jackson – one of four D.C. District court judges, but the one who has been assigned 6 of the 12 cases brought by Robert Mueller against members of the Trump administration…and whose behavior in the case stinks to high heaven. Right?

Or they must have been talking about the fact that three of the four Stone prosecutors – another amazing coincidence here – happened to have been on Mueller’s staff during his nothingburger investigation.  Right?


The “scandal”, if you watch the story on Today (which I’ll put up a video of later today, when it becomes available) is that President Trump vociferously objected to Stone’s 7-9 year sentence and the fact that it may be significantly reduced because of his objections.

In his report, NBC News’s chronically smug, smirking Peter Alexander, referred to this as “testing the limits of the rule of law” – as if the President’s objection to this travesty, was somehow skirting the fringes of illegality.

This is a scandal, all right.  But the real scandal is that the deep state has two completely different sets of rules – one for the people out to get Trump and another for his defenders/supporters…

…and that NBC has the nerve to call a political hit job like this a news report.

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