Today’s quote comes to us from New York’s chameleon senator (What do I have to be to get your vote?  Ok, that’s what I am.  You’re welcome):  Kirsten Gillibrand.

Here, from her going-nowhere performance in last night’s Democrat debate, was Ms. Gillibrand’s history lesson about illegals and children:

“One of the worst things about President Trump that he’s done to this country, is he’s torn apart the moral fabric of who we are when he started separating children at the border from their parents.” 

Do I have to tell you this is an overt lie?  That the policy of separating children from their parents at the border was inherited by Trump from the Obama administration – and the Bush administration before it…

…or that Mr. Trump – largely due to pressure from Democrats who suddenly noticed what an outrage separating families was only after Obama left office (they didn’t give a damn about it when he was in office) – is the President who is overseeing the minimizing of these separations?

Kirsten Gillibrand wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for showing us, again, that she will say anything, regardless of whether it is true, to get people’s votes.

This means that, politically speaking, she’s not only dishonest, she’s also unoriginal.

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