Nicolle Wallace is MSNBC’s idea of a “Republican” – that is, someone who once was a Republican, now falls over herself to savage Republicans, but can technically be called one because of her past.

I just read Ms. Wallace’s reaction to the completely unsubstantiated, utterly ludicrous claim made by E. Jean Carroll that Donald Trump “raped” her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 25 years ago (I put “rape” in quotation marks because she herself has now come out with a claim that it wasn’t rape at all).

I’m not sure of whether to be amused, outraged, or to just shake my head in amazement that someone would make idiotic/dishonest comments like these on TV.

Here, let me show you.  From the transcript provided in Curtis Houck’s article for

But in terms of what Donald Trump did and in terms of how the U.S. criminal codes look at the act of what he did, it was a rape. But, you know, it — we are having a Democratic primary that will result in someone who will run against the first ever candidate to be credibly accused of sexual assault as violent as the rape described by E. Jean. So I think what — what Kirsten Gillibrand, what Kamala Harris bring tonight, whether they bring this up or not, I do not know, but I think it is a unique strength that some of these women in the field will have if they decide to make this an issue. These allegations aren’t going away. There are more now than there were when Donald Trump ran the first time…”

 “…I’m pretty sure the Democrats don’t want to follow the Republican Party to the cemetery. The Republican Party is dead.”

Let’s go through this in order of appearance:

-First we have the contention that Trump raped Carroll, as if it were settled, proven fact.  It is neither.  And anyone who has been to a woman’s dressing room at Bergdorf will find it as laughable as my wife does, that a man could get into one of them, forcibly rape a woman, then leave without anyone hearing/seeing/noticing it….or that the “victim” wouldn’t be making sure they did as soon as possible.

-“…the first ever candidate to be credibly accused of sexual assault as violent as the rape described by E. Jean”?  Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of forcibly raping her and hurting her in the process….and she contemporaneously told people about it.  That’s before we get to the Paula Jones fiasco, where Clinton lied about his sexual attack and eventually had to pay an $850,000 settlement and lose his law license over it.  How did those little tidbits escape what passes for Nicolle Wallace’s analytical purview?

-Bringing up a 25 year old, unevidenced, preposterous alleged rape from a woman who “comes forward” 25 years later is a “unique strength” a woman candidate will have against Donald Trump?  Does this genius actually think E. Jean Carroll’s allegation will stand as a major campaign issue?  Yep, just like Stormy Daniels….

-The Republican Party is dead?  Uh…Republicans hold the Presidency, the senate and, according to ballotpedia, Republicans control 52.3% of all state legislative seats and a 61-37 majority of state senate and assembly chambers (Alaska has a shared power system).  If that makes the Republican Party dead, what does it make the Democrat Party?

Some readers might have found the premise of this blog’s title – that Nicolle Wallace is an idiot, a liar or both – overly harsh.

Now, after reading the blog itself, I wonder how many of them are reconsidering.


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