Today’s quote comes to us from robert mueller, the now-former Special Counsel charged with investigating President Trump – not for anything he was charged with, but in an effort to find something to charge him with.

It concerns whether or not President Trump committed any crimes:

“The order appointing me Special Counsel authorized us to investigate actions that could obstruct the investigation. We conducted that investigation and we kept the office of the Acting Attorney General apprised of the progress of our work.

“As set forth in our report, after that investigation, if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.

“We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime. The introduction to volume two of our report explains that decision.

The Special Counsel’s job was to determine whether collusion or obstruction took place.  Period.

The SC’s job was NOT to editorialize on speculation about what might have happened, even though he couldn’t find enough evidence to say it did happen.  But that is exactly what robert mueller did.

And why would anyone be surprised?  Half of his full report engaged in the same coulda/shoulda/woulda speculation – none of it relevant to his job and none of it designed to do anything but give red meat to Democrats obsessed with “getting” Donald Trump and undoing the 2016 election.

Let’s remember:  this investigation did not take place in a courtroom, where both sides could present their case; where both sides could ask questions and present facts/evidence/etc.

In fact, the SC staff was put together as a Democrats-only (13 Democrats, 3 unaffiliated, 0 Republicans) Star Chamber, headed by a close pal of James Comey, the man Donald Trump fired (with damn good reason).

In other words, a One Side Only spectacular.

So when robert mueller gets in front of the microphone and says “As set forth in our report, after that investigation, if we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that”…

…he is really saying “we don’t have enough evidence to accuse him of anything, so we’ll put out a load of mealy-mouthed innuendo that sounds like we do, even though we don’t”.  

And then, this arrogant partisan informs us that he will not answer any questions…and don’t bother putting him in front of a congressional committee because he’ll just recite the same thing.

I don’t know about you, but I WANT him in front of congressional committees.  I WANT him to be questioned on a number of issues – none the least of which are why he put together a 100% partisan staff, and when when he first found out that the FISA warrants, which generated his investigation, were nothing more than unverified, unverifiable opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign (at which time this investigation should have been summarily shut down).

I award Quote Of The Day (dis)Honors to robert mueller for proving, as he walks out the door, that he was exactly the Trump-hating partisan I’ve been saying he was for the last two years.

Call him before the committees.  House and Senate both.  Call him immediately.

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