Today\’s quote comes to us from Secretary of State John Kerry, who, after months of ducking every show on Fox News Channel, did the network a big favor and agreed to an interview this morning on Chris Wallace\’s “Fox News Sunday”.

The exchanges were testy and contentious – with Kerry making it clear he felt he was was slumming.  I don\’t know if I would have been able to maintain my composure if I were in Mr. Wallace\’s seat, but he somehow managed to.

My favorite quote from the interview?  Here it is:

“Iknow you and others don\’t ever want to give the Obamaadministration credit for almost anything, but the fact is this is the first administration to get a[nuclear] rollback in those ten years.”

A note to Secretary of State Kerry:  Ten years ago, 2004, was the middle of the previous administration. 

Therefore, what Kerry proudly, arrogantly proclaimed was that this is the first administration to get a [nuclear] rollback  since……the last one.

I\’ll allow time for you to finish laughing.

John Kerry wins Quote Of The Day honors hands down – for being such a supercilious dufus.

Congratulations, John.  After all these years

it\’s just the kind of comment we\’d expect from you.   

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