I do not hesitate to criticize Secretary of State John Kerry when I think he is wrong. 

Well, that goes both ways.

Here, from CNN\’s State of the Union, is a provocative question about the Israel-hamas conflict from host Candy Crowley…and a clearly exasperated response by Mr. Kerry which I almost entirely agree with:

The one comment where I part company with Kerry is his contention that “no country, no human being, is comfortable with children being killed, with people being killed…”.  Sad to say, there most certainly are countries and “human beings” (at least in the biological sense of the word) comfortable with just that.

But this single point aside (which, in fairness, was probably meant rhetorically rather than literally) John Kerry answered Candy Crowley very, very well – especially at the end, when he chides her for playing into hamas\’ hands and asking a question their actions were designed to elicit.

Well done, Mr. Secretary.

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