Today\’s quote come to us from a source which,  I am guessing, most of you are unfamiliar with.

First the quote, then the explanation of who the source is and what he was talking about:

“Weare very happy with this decision.  In the first place,this money will go toward reconstructing efforts.”

Sounds great, doesn\’t it.  Some entity has contributed enough money to help with a reconstruction of some kind.


Those words came from fawzi barhoum. a spokesperson for the terrorist group hamas. 

His joyous reaction was to a grant of $900 million in aid.

But who is the benefactor gullible or pro-hamas enough to provide all this money?  The answer is, Barack Obama – who pledged it ittle more than one month after taking office (the article I pulled the quote from was published February 24, 2009; 35 days into his presidency).  In other words, Mr. Obama could barely wait to hand it over to them.

And what has hamas done with the money?  Built infrastructure?  Tried to better the lives of Gazans?

Watch the news footage of missiles hitting Israel and you\’ll see where it went.

I award fawzi barhoum Quote Of The Day honors, for being as much a liar as pretty much everyone else from hamas is — with a major (dis)honorarable mention to Barack Obama, whose willingness to fund hamas was what enabled barhoum to say what he did.

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