I was just reading a blog at, put up by “karoli”, which ridiculed Dick Morris for calling the “border crisis” (as she puts it) Demcorats\’ Armageddon for the 2014 elections.

In reading the comments section, many of the broadsides aimed at Morris relate to his poor record of predicting election outcomes (which happens to be correct; in recent years, he does have a lousy record of making such predictions).

As you might expect, this being, the quality of comments tends to be personal, vicious and hateful. 

But one of them stood out way above the rest.  It was posted by someone using the screen name “Tax The Rich” (perfect name for a hard-left sight like  I thought you might like to see it:

“Thisguy couldn\’t predict which month Christmas will come in if he hadeleven chances.”

What a great insult.  Best one I\’ve seen all year. 

I\’m still laughing – though I doubt Mr. Morris would find it quite as funny.

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