Today\’s quote comes to us from Chris Hayes, the hard-left host of a cable news show on (where else?) MSNBC.

Speaking of the success that ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) – a terrorist offshoot of al-qaeda which makes the Osama bin laden people look like benign pussycats by comparison – has had, Hayes notes that these murdering subhumans are now putting up recruitment material on social media. 

And how does Hayes characterize such material?

Fordisaffected young Muslim men around the world, videos like thispresent the opportunity to join in a heroic, romantic struggle”

You may find it hard to believe that someone who, purportedly, has a functioning brain would say such a thing. So here\’s the video – which also contains a clip of Hayes, from several years ago, telling us how uncomfortable he is calling US military personnel heroes (evidently they do not measure up to those nice ISIS folks):

What exactly is Hayes saying?  Is he actually telling us he thinks ISIS is heroic and romantic?  Or is this just an amazingly inept attempt to describe the way he suspects those disaffected young Muslim men (of which there seems to be an unending supply) feel about ISIS rather than his own characterization.

I can\’t tell for 100% sure.  But I will note that, after making the above quote, Hayes made no attempt to separate himself from it. 

Chris Hayes gets Quote Of The Day honors either for one of the most sickeningly stupid, or one of the most poorly framed, things he has ever said on his show. 

Congratulations on your “win”, Chris.  Now would you please romantically and heroically shut up?  Thank you.

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