If an insurance plan does not cover certain kinds of contraceptives, does that mean women are denied the ability to get them?

Of course not.  Women can get any contraceptives they want.  The insurance company is not making them illegal, it is just not paying for some of them.

Why am I wasting your time with this obvious fact?  Because Sandra Fluke – yep, that Sandra Fluke – has already wasted your time by claiming otherwise.

Fluke, who is running for the state Senate (26th district) in California this year versus fellow Democrat Ben Allen (in California the top 2 vote-getters compete for the state Senate, regardless of party), tweeted this just yesterday:

SandraFluke @SandraFluke

Anyday now, #SupremeCourtdecides whether corporations can deny women access to contraception.http://dccc.org/fluke 

Fluke\’s reference is to the argument by the devoutly Christian ownership of Hobby Lobby, and another corporation, that because ObamaCare covers “abortion-inducing” (i.e. post-conception) contraceptives, which they equate to infanticide, they should not be compelled to offer it.

Fluke is correct that the case will be decided any day now.  But the claim that, if the court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby, women will be denied access to contraception, is ridiculous.    

Then again, why should we expect anything more from Fluke – originally presented to us as a 23 year old struggling college student who, along with something like 40% of her female classmates (so she said), had difficulty coming up with the money for contraceptive products……

……but who turned out to be a 30 year old career left wing activist, going to a school (Georgetown Law) that costs close to $60,000 a year, claiming it was hard to come up with the money for contraception she could have bought at her local Walmart for $9 a month.

And that, of course, is before we get to the fact that Fluke\’s boyfriend then (maybe now too), was the very rich Adam “Cutey Pants” (his description, not mine) Mutterperl, heir to a handbag fortune, who – when not canoodling with Fluke – was trying to make it as a comedian.  (Considering his family\’s combination of immense wealth and far-left politics, Cutey Pants just might have a shot.)

By demanding free contraceptives, Sandra Fluke became an immediate hero of the left, and especially of the “I am woman, hear me roar” crowd.  Her lies at that time were no problem to these folks.  And I\’m betting that the lie in yesterday\’s tweet is no problem to them either. 

Can she parlay a history of lying and left-wing activism into a State Senate seat? 

Don\’t bet against it.  This is California we\’re talking about.

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