Yesterday, the Obama administration “dumped” a highly embarrassing report about the condition of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals) – on the theory that this is when people are least likely to pay attention to it (in fairness, other administrations did the same thing).

And what does the report say?  Here are the first paragraphs of the Associated Press\’s article:

Ina scathing appraisal, a review ordered by President Barack Obama ofthe troubled Veterans Affairs health care system concludes thatmedical care for veterans is beset by “significant and chronicsystem failures,” substantially verifying problems raised bywhistleblowers and internal and congressional investigators.

Asummary of the review by deputy White House chief of staff Rob Naborssays the Veterans Health Administration must be restructured and thata “corrosive culture” has hurt morale and affected thetimeliness of health care. The review also found that a 14-daystandard for scheduling veterans\’ medical appointments is unrealisticand that some employees manipulated the wait times so they wouldappear to be shorter.

Thereview is the latest blistering assessment of the VA in the wake ofreports of patients dying while waiting for appointments and oftreatment delays in VA facilities nationwide. The White Housereleased a summary of the review following President Barack Obama\’smeeting Friday with Nabors and Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson.

That unsettling enough for you?

Two points should be made here:

1) In his 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama pledged to fix the VA mess.  But it not only has not been fixed, but has gotten far worse since he took office. (Yes, when Mr. Obama claimed to have just found out about how bad the VA situation was he lied.  But why should that surprise anyone?  Mr. Obama lies about pretty much everything);

2) The VA hospital situation – a symphony of corruption, incompetence and cover-ups –  is government-run health care.  So is ObamaCare. 

Does this mean that ObamaCare will take the same disastrous path as the VA hospitals? 

Well, we\’re going to find out, aren\’t we?  

Stay healthy.

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