Today’s quote come sto us from Rep. David Brat (R-VA).  It is a statement he made Friday, during a segment of MSNBC Live, and relates to what Brat feels is the inanity inherent in media’s nonstop coverage of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian national about negative Hillary Clinton material – and, more importantly – why media would be so anally obsessive about it.

This is what Mr. Brat said to host Craig Melvin:

This whole city is a web of collusion and big money. I ran against all of that collusion, right, so I’m against it. But no one gets to play the innocent here. Hillary raised $2 billion in the Hillary foundation from foreign money, and CNN and all the biggies never found anything on that. The Washington Post is great on Watergate, but they missed Clintongate altogether. Why is that?

Well, maybe it’s because 97 percent of the donations from mainstream (media) folks go to the Democrat party. Gee, I wonder if that could, you know, influence the news at all. So now everyone’s on the Trump collusion stuff. So let’s just calm it all down and go back — what statute has been violated? Name it…”

And here is how Craig Melvin answered the specific charges Mr. Brat made:



Don’t see anything?  Guess why?

I award David Brat Quote Of The Day honors for giving Craig Melvin, and MSNBC viewers, a fleeting taste of reality.

Do they ever need it.

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  • Collusion


    All meaningless drivel.

    The Dems are pouring glue into the Trump administration.
    Slow walking approvals of senior officials, even the noncontroversial appointments.

    The RooshinFrackus is merely a Red Herring
    to distract, to slow down, to prevent Trump from implementing needed policy

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