Today’s paragraph – and it is a truly amazing one – comes to us from Tim Arango’s front page article in today’s New York Times.

The article assures us that our incursion into Iraq which, among other things, removed saddam hussein and, at least for a period of several years, gave the country a taste of incipient democracy, was a failure, because it is now dominated by Iran.

That, by itself, has a great deal of truth to it.

But why did this happen and who is to blame?

Read this paragraph – and try not to be drinking anything when you do:

But after the United States’ abrupt withdrawal of troops in 2011, American constancy is still in question here — a broad failure of American foreign policy, with responsibility shared across three administrations.

Are you kidding me?  You have to be kidding, don’t you?  What’s that, you’re not; you’re serious?  You must be on drugs.

The day George Bush left office – January 20, 2011 – we had won that war.  President Bush – not his successor, President Obama – negotiated a troop withdrawal to continue into 2011…despite Mr. Obama never failing to take credit for it.

But President Bush never, ever agreed to a virtually complete pullout, without enough residual troops remaining to keep that victory in place.  That virtually complete pullout was 100% the decision of President Obama.  Only after it was completed – in 2011, over two years after Bush had left office – did Iran’s influence over its neighbor start growing to where it is today.

And, in assessing that growth, let us never forget the “deal” Mr. Obama concocted with Iran – the one that freed up something like $150 BILLION dollars of capital for Iran, the world’s single most prolific supporter/fomenter of terrorism, to play with.  Is there any doubt that this USA-provided capitalization had something to do with Iran’s ability to establish a degree of hegemony over Iran?

Then we have President Trump – who took office just 6 months ago, and was handed this mess as a fait accompli.

So when The Times says this was “… a broad failure of American foreign policy, with responsibility shared across three administrations”, who the eff are they talking about?  What did George Bush or Donald Trump have to do with it, besides nothing?

Do you think The Times would take a policy Mr. Trump implemented over two years after Mr. Obama left office, and over 5 years before another Democrat took over, and assess the blame across all three administrations?

Yeah, sure.  And the dish ran away with the spoon.

I award The New York Times and Tim Arango Paragraph Of The Day “honors”, for a re-invention of history so brazen that it brings to mind…well, it brings to mind what now passes for the New York Times.

As it should.  Because that’s what it is.

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