Today\’s quote comes to us from U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), currently the youngest senator in that body (he\’s 40) and among its most leftward as well.

Here is Senator Murphy, with the even more hard-left Chris Hayes of (where else?) MSNBC, discussing Vladimir Putin\’s summary takeover of Crimea – oh, excuse me, there was a “referendum”….with armed Russian troops at the balloting stations, 60,000 Russian troops massed at the Crimean border, and transparent ballot boxes, so each voter\’s selection could be seen by those troops:

Franklythe fact that we are here today with a very weak Russia, having theentirety of the Ukraine turn away and having engaged in a panickyreaction is partly a result of the United States\’ strength on thisissue, standing with the protesters”

Putin invades Crimea, loads it with Russian troops, runs a phony-baloney “referendum”, and tells the world Crimea is now part of Russia. Barack Obama\’s reaction is to cut off banking privileges for 11 Russian diplomats.  And this shows Russia\’s weakness and our strength?   

Is Senator Murphy on drugs?  Did he sneak into Philip Seymour Hoffman\’s apartment and cop part of his stash before the authorities got there?  He can\’t possibly be serious, can he?

Well, yes he can.  This was a serious comment by a United States Senator.

Congratulations, Chris Murphy.   Quote Of The Day considers idiocy as an attribute worthy of recognition.  And your comment is not just garden variety idiocy, it is hall-of-fame class. So today the award belongs to you.

Now please tell us:  who was the bigger winner in WWII?  Germany or Japan?

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