Joe Biden is at it again.  God help us, he is acting just like….Joe Biden.

President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, sent the Vice President to Poland for the purpose of shoring up our credibility there after Vladimir Putin, again, made mincemeat of him in front of the world.

So what does JJ do?  During a speech in Warsaw he informs his audience that:

Fifteenyears ago, I was honored, as the chairman of the Foreign RelationsCommittee, to lead the fight for Poland\’s admission into NATO”

That was quite a trick, Mr. Vice President — given that Poland joined NATO in 1999, and you chaired the Foreign Relations Committee from 2001 to 2003. 

In actuality it was Jesse Helms (R-NC) who chaired the committee at that time, and pushed for Poland\’s entry into NATO.

Not for nothing do I call him Jackass Joe.  And not for nothing is the world now simultaneously laughing at us as a former superpower, and cringing at who will fill the void this woefully incompetent administration is leaving.

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