Today\’s quote comes to us from syndicated columnist, best-selling author and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer.

But to appreciate it, you first have to see a quote from President Obama, which I pulled from Pam Key\’s article at (which has a video of him saying it):

“People don\’t remember, but when I came into office, the Untied States in world opinion ranked below China and just barley above Russia, and today once again, the Untied States is the most respected country on earth.”

SAY WHAT???????

Could a claim be more stunningly dishonest?  More stunningly delusionary? 

Here, pulled from Curtis Houck\’s blog at (which also has a video) is Mr. Krauthammer\’s reaction:

“He says we\’re the most respected country in the world once again. You wonder what world, what planet he\’s living on and it\’s not just as you enumerated, our enemies who have respect for us. The Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians of course, ISIS, you can go all the way down. It is our allies. You think the Ukrainians respect us? Or the Pols? The Lithuanians? How about the Saudis? How about the Bahrainis? The King of Bahrain was supposed to come to the summit in Camp David with the President of the United States. He stiffs the President and foreign ministry of Bahrain issues a statement saying that on that day, where was the king? At a horse show in England. Now, if that\’s a sign of respect, we\’ve got problems.

“…look at Egypt. Where did the president of Egypt go several months ago? For the first time in 40 years, he goes to Moscow, looking for assistance and for weapons. We had a monopoly in that area of influence and that is not only gone and dissipated, but there\’s been a revulsion against the United States because we have checked out under Obama and these allies who\’ve depended on us for so longer are finding themselves left hanging in the wind.”

I award Charles Krauthammer Quote Of The Day honors for telling the truth about our severely diminished standing in the world since Barack Obama became President.  And he didn\’t even do a complete job.  Obama\’s whack job on Israel, and his humiliating kiss-up to Iran which has repayed him with a derisive bitch-slap, both went unmentioned. 

But, in fairness, I can find at least one bright spot:  the murderous castro brothers, who have run a freedomless communist hellhole in Cuba for 55 years, certainly like us more now, don\’t they?

There are still almost 20 months left to the nightmare that is President Barack Obama.  We can only hope the harm he has done is not irreparable.

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