Today\’s quote comes to us from outgoing Attorney General, the disgraceful toady and Obama sock-puppet eric holder. This is what he had to say about his 6 years in that position – and I swear I am not making it up:

“This department is restored. It\’s restored to what it always was and certainly…and what it always must be. Free of politicization, focused on the mission, and making sure that justice is done without any kind of interference from political outsiders.”

What astounding hubris. What astounding dishonesty. That is like Hillary Clinton bragging about what a great job she did in Benghazi.

eric holder is the only Attorney General ever cited for criminal contempt of congress. He lied about Operation Fast and Furious, lied and stonewalled about the IRS scandal, and ran the Department of Justice in such a racially divisive way that I took to calling it the Department of Just-us. We have had good Attornies General and bad ones. And he is right at the bottom of the heap.

I award eric holder Quote Of The Day honors for leaving his position as poorly and dishonestly as he functioned in it.

Congratulations. And good riddance.

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