The Clinton Foundation scandal deepens by the day.  It has quickly moved ahead of the other Clinton scandals, and – at least as of now – appears to be the most significant threat of them all to Hillary Clinton\’s candidacy. 

The latest information, from Sarah Westwood\’s article for the Washington Examiner, is that:

Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award – and six of the eight ultimate winners – while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.

Ms. Westsood, of course, goes on to detail and reference this statement.

What a coincidence.  Or is it?  Do you – does anyone – seriously believe that, with the Clintons, there are any coincidences?

And in case you think it couldn\’t get worse, now Common Cause – that\’s right the liberal activist organization Common Cause – is calling for an independent audit of the Clinton foundation.

With only 15% of the total monies collected being used for charitable causes, and almost 60% being reported as “other expenses” – i.e. not being explained at all – what do you think such an audit will find?

This is not going away.  To the contrary, it\’s a good bet that it is just getting started.

Stay tuned.  And get ready for the James Carville/Lanny Davis/John Podesta deflect-a-thon to go into high gear. 

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