Remember Brian Williams?  A few months ago he was riding high as the anchor of NBC Nightly News, the highest-rated network news show.

Then it came out that he had made up several stories about his past and embellished others.  So NBC, not wanting to damage its reputation for credibility (there are those who are now asking “what credibility would that be?”) suspended him for 6 months.

Well, don\’t hang by your thumbs waiting for him to be back.

Excerpted from Paul Farhi\’s article in today\’s Washington Post:

Journalists in NBC News\’s powerful Washington bureau expressed strong opposition to the potential return of suspended anchorman Brian Williams during a contentious meeting with the head of the network’s news division in February.

In a sometimes angry series of comments, the journalists told NBC News President Deborah Turness in the private meeting in Washington that Williams\’s embellished statements about his reporting exploits had damaged NBC\’s credibility and that he should not be permitted to return to the anchor chair, according to several people who attended the session.

One person who attended the Washington meeting described the overall tone as a “bloodbath” for Williams.

The journalists told Turness that the scandal had made them embarrassed to deal with their sources and to identify themselves as NBC News employees. .

Does that give you any sense that NBC will be putting Brian Williams back at its anchor desk any time soon?  A disgraced “journalist” whose colleagues in the news department are telling the President of the division that he is destroying them?

In the navy they sing “Anchors Aweigh”, when they haul one in prior to departure.  In this case, I strongly suspect the NBC news division will happily sing “Anchor away” as they toss one overboard.

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