Today’s quote comes to us from Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN), the Jew-hating, Israel-hating, home wrecker who first illegally married her brother to get him into the country, then divorced her second husband to take up with a political operative who left his wife and child to be with her…while collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds from her coffers.

You might get the sense that I am somewhat less than taken with ilhan omar.  If so, you’ve got a point.

Here is what omar had to say about the fact that serious law enforcement was FINALLY brought into Minneapolis…only after much of a section of the downtown area was looted destroyed and burned:

“There really was also many people who chose to demonstrate and not abide by the curfew, who felt like they also were terrorized by the presence of tanks, by the presence of the National Guard and a militarized police.”

Poor wiwoo babies.  They were out illegally in an area where anarchy was in full progress and they felt “terrorized” by serious efforts to prevent its continuation?  My heart bleeds hot and cold running borscht.

ilhan omar wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for, by making this statement of sympathy and support for them, thus showing that she has not changed a bit since taking office, she remains exactly what she was then.

And congratulations to Minnesota’s 5th district.  You got exactly what you voted for.  Enjoy her.


  • I am over 50 years old and in all that time it has been Blacks attacking Whites way more often than Whites attacking Blacks. Am I the only one who has seen this?

  • To reply to Free- I agree with you. As far as Omar, she should take that rag on top of her head and shove it down her dumb ass mouth and choke on it. the morons that voted for her deserve her

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