Here’s a campaign issue if I ever saw one.

From Jason Lange and Trevor Hunnicutt’s article for Reuters:

 Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city’s police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer.\

At least 13 Biden campaign staff members posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday that they made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of cash bail, or making people pay to avoid pre-trial imprisonment. The group uses donations to pay bail fees in Minneapolis.

Did I read that right?  Did over a dozen members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff actually help bail out the thugs and left wing anarchists who looted and destroyed much of the Minneapolis downtown area, taking away the livelihoods of countless people of all colors and backgrounds?

And tell me:  wben they leave jail, where do you think these freshly-freed people will go?  How many of them will be right back to the streets to commit more acts of sabotage on Minneapolis’s downtown area?  How many other businesses will be gone, jobs lost, at their hands?

And then there is the political component.

Is there any doubt that Trump and his people will – with full justification – point to this as the Biden people, in essence, advocating for riots and destruction?  Bailing people out who not only decimated any positive racial message that peaceful protests would have conveyed, but hurt countless people Biden claims to be on the side of?

Is it just me, or have Biden’s people just gone a considerable distance toward handing Minnesota to President Trump this coming November?

Great job folks.  You’ve done nothing but damage Minneapolis….but, politically at least, Donald Trump owes you all a steak dinner.

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