Today’s paragraphs come in two parts.

The first is from Kelley Paul’s piece at  Ms. Paul is the wife of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who, while mowing his lawn, was brutally attacked and suffered severe physical damage after being blindsided by a socialist, Bernie Sanders-supporting neighbor:

It is incredibly hurtful that some news outlets have victimized Rand a second time as he struggles to recover, delighting in hateful headlines like “Not A Perfect Neighbor,” and concocting theories about an “ongoing dispute,” based on nothing more than speculation from an attention-seeking person with no knowledge of anything to do with us.
The fact is, neither Rand nor I have spoken to the attacker in 10 years (since before his wife and children moved away) other than a casual wave from the car. Nobody in our family has, nor have we communicated with anyone in his family. With Rand’s travel to D.C. in the last seven years, he has rarely seen this man at all.
The only “dispute” existed solely in the attacker’s troubled mind, until, on a beautiful autumn day, he ran down the hill on our property and slammed his body into Rand’s lower back as he stood facing away, wearing noise canceling headphones to protect his ears from the lawnmower.
This was not a “scuffle,” a “fight” or an “altercation,” as many in the media falsely describe it. It was a deliberate, blindside attack. The impact left Rand with six broken ribs, three displaced, pleural effusion and now pneumonia. This has been a terrible experience; made worse by the media’s gleeful attempts to blame Rand for it, ridiculing him for everything from mowing his own lawn to composting.


I don’t care what your politics are, left right or center, and I don’t care what you think of Rand Paul (personally, I’m no fan).  That is gut-wrenching.

But would CNN leave it at that?  Would they let Ms. Paul’s piece stand as-is, the way they do for just about everyone else?

Nope, this is CNN.  So it decided to add the other guy’s side of the story immediately below Ms. Paul’s:

Editor’s note: Rene Albert Boucher, a neighbor of Senator Paul’s, has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault. His attorney Matthew Baker told CNN in an interview for a story published November 9 that Boucher, an anesthesiologist, regrets the incident. “If he had to do it over again, I can assure you it would have been handled much more diplomatically,” Baker said. The attorney, asked about the motive, said “we should believe” a neighbor, Jim Skaggs, who told CNN there has been a “long-running disagreement” over property maintenance. Baker also said, in a statement, “We sincerely hope that Sen. Paul is doing well and that these two gentlemen can get back to being neighbors as quickly as possible.”

Does CNN do this every time a leftward commentator puts up materials about conservatives?  Can you show me any instances where they actually did?  Happy searching, and I’ll see you a long time from now.

I award Kelley Rand Paragraphs Of The Day honors for giving us her side of the story – which, with few exceptions, our woefully biased mainstream media barely touched on.

And I award CNN a (dis)honorable mention for trying to deny/debunk Ms. Paul on the spot, by giving the man who assaulted her husband the last word.

CNN again earns its title, “The most trusted busted name in news”.


  • Ken, after reading what you excerpted it appears it is the attackers attorney and another neighbor that cnn is quoting. I would like to know more about this neighbor, Jim Skaggs who claims there has been a “long-running disagreement” over property maintenance. I wonder if the neighbor is also a rabid leftist.

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