ESPN is not just declining, it is plummeting.  I wonder how much longer it will even exist.

From Benny Johnson’s article at

According to reports, $80 million in salaries will be cut from the network between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Estimates say between 60 and 100 employees will be let go.

The cuts are certainly due to a nearly $1 billion dollar budget shortfall by the Disney-owned network over the last six years. ESPN has lost over 13 million subscribers in the same time.

How much of this free-fall is due to ESPN’s decision to become an outlet for left wing political opinion?  No one can say for sure.  But it obviously hasn’t been beneficial, that’s for sure.

For guidance, can we look at the NFL, with its declining TV ratings since players started kneeling/clenching their fists/refusing to go on the field during the unfurling of the flag and National Anthem?  Is that just a coincidence?

It seems to me that, in both cases, some very bad decisions were made.  And, at least for the short run, they can’t be undone.

What was that old saying about “well, you made your bed…”?

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