Sometimes you have to do a double-take, because you cannot believe your own eyes.

This paragraph – just as you see it, not one word added, removed or changed – appears in a Reuters article about the Iran “deal\’ with the United States and European nations – the one that Iran keeps stalling on as it builds its nuclear capability (which would more than likely render the deal meaningless anyway):

The sides were meant to reach a preliminary accord in the Swiss city of Lausanne which would provide an outline for a final deal to be reached by June 30. The preliminary deal was meant to be achieved by midnight on March 31, but the sides are under pressure not to go home empty handed.

Read that paragraph and read it again.  Read it until your eyes fall out.  And it will be just a bizarre, just as idiotic, the last time as it was the first.

I award Reuters Paragraph Of The Day honors for showing us, in so few words, what a ridiculous pile of mung this “deal” negotiation is…and how ridiculous the United States and its European counterparts have been to believe any serious deal could be struck with a lying terrorist hellhole like Iran.

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