Remember that hate crime last August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri (outside of Saint Louis), when White Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Black unarmed teenager Michael Brown?

That\’s going to be a little tough to do, since not one witness, whatever else his or her story was, said that Officer Wilson made any racial comments to Brown, nor did Brown make any to Wilson…and Wilson\’s six year record as a police officer showed exactly no complaints ever lodged against him, racial or otherwise.

But we all know it was a hate crime, because al sharpton and jessie jackson and a raft of other “Black leaders” (I don\’t know who appointed them “leaders” either) along with an overwhelming sampling of our wonderful “neutral” media said so.

Now let\’s fast-forward to last week, where a crime was committed on a Saint Louis Metrolink train.  That a crime was committed is not in doubt.  But, I am happy to say, at least it had no racial component to it.

Excerpted from Ed Payne\’s and Ralph Ellis\’s article at

There will be no hate crime charges for two males arrested in the beating of a man that may have been sparked by a question about the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown.

St. Louis police have charged Ronald Williams, 21, with assault. A 15-year-old has also been arrested, according to authorities.

“Specifically, when put in context, it did not support the finding that the acts in this case met the elements of the hate crime statute in the state of Missouri, specifically proving the motivating factor behind the individual that we have charged, Ed Postawko with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney\’s Office told CNN affilaite KMOV.

The beating, which occurred on a MetroLink light rail train, was caught on surveillance cameras and a passenger\’s cell phone camera. The passenger posted the video online, and it went viral.

The victim, 43, said he was commuting home when a young black man asked to use the victim\’s cell phone.

He declined, and the young man asked his opinion about the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager killed by a police officer in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, last summer, the man said. That shooting raised questions nationwide about use of deadly force by police.

“The next thing I know, he sucker punches me right in the middle of my face,” the victim told CNN affiliate KMOV.

The video showed a male unleashing a barrage of punches at the head of the victim, who covered himself with his hand and forearms. Two other males joined in, police said. The attackers fled.

Isn\’t it wonderful that, whatever else you can say about this incident, race hatred had nothing to do with it? 

I mean all that happened was that three Black guys (elsewhere in the article it specifies they all were Black) sucker punched and beat the crap out of a White guy after he wouldn\’t talk about the Michael Brown shooting. 

Why would anyone think race had any relevance?

No hate crime here.  Nothing to see.  Move along.

Point of order:  I do not know this was a racially motivated crime.  I will wait for the full complement of facts to come out before formulating an opinion one way of the other.  For all I know these three may have histories of trying to hustle cell phones from Black people and beating the crap out of them as well. 

But do the circumstances of this incident make it dramatically more likely to be a race incident than the circumstances of Michael Brown\’s shooting? Yes, obviously.

So why are there no protesters screaming for racial justice?  Why wasn\’t a Metrolink station burned to the ground?  Why isn\’t the Department of Justice launching an investigation?  

And why am I asking you questions we both already know the answers to?

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