Over two years ago, when news of the relationship between Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and wealthy Ophthalmologist/major Menendez benefactor Saloman Melgen first came to light, my ingoing assumption was that there was a very shady quid pro quo situation going in in, which Menendez was taking Melgen\’s money and favors (including the company of attractive young women) in return for helping Melgen out with his business dealings.

Nothing I have seen since dissuades me  from that assumption.  If there are hearings and/or a trial I will, of course, know better one way or the other.

At that time, I thought Menendez would be forced out of office.  But I was wrong.  I was foolish enough not to recognize the selective outrage of an eric holder-led Justice Department.

But now, over two years later?  Suddenly Mr. Menendez is indicted on 14 counts of corruption. 

And – amazing coincidence here – this happened a week or so after Menendez went public with his condemnation of the ridiculous “deal” President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are cooking up with the terrorist government of Iran.

Is this payback for Menendez voicing his emphatic disapproval of Obama/Kerry?  Is it a message to other politicians, Democrat or Republican, that they better shut up and fall in line?  Would these indictments ever have seen the light of day if Robert Menendez either supported Obama/Kerry, or at least looked the other way and kept his mouth shut? 

No one can possibly know for sure. 

But if the timing does not make you smell a rat – make that a Hamelinesque townful of them – you better see a nose doctor.

More on this as it occurs.

Oh, one other thing: Robert Menendez may well be the last “undecided” vote regarding whether Obama\’s pick for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is confirmed. Do you think, just possibly, that Mr. Menendez has been told the indictments won\’t go anywhere if he votes in favor?

Would you put that past this corrupt, dishonest administration? Would you put anything past this corrupt, dishonest administration?

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