Ken Berwitz

Five minutes into Bill O\’Reilly\’s interview of Donald Trump and I can\’t watch anymore.  

No matter how viciously Trump insults O\’Reilly\’s colleague Megyn Kelly, O\’Reilly will not challenge him.  What is he afraid of?  That Trump will pick up and leave the set?  Big effing deal.  

And when Trump bragged that, in the earlier debate, he gave a great answer to Kelly\’s question regarding his ongoing insults of women (which he did not), and everyone thought so (everyone did not), all O\’Reilly could answer was “that\’s making my point” that he should reconsider and attend the debate.  In other words, O\’Reilly literally conceded Trump\’s braggadocio and, essentially, said “thank you sir, may Megyn have another”.

Trump is acting like his usual repulsive self and O\’Reilly is acting like a helpless loser – not to mention a jerk for letting Trump continue to insult Kelly.

If they ever film Dumb & Dumber III, the casting is already taken care of.

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