Ken Berwitz

It is good to see that at least one veteran\’s group sees though Donald Trump\’s publicity-hound BS.

Paul Riekhoff, founder of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, says he will turn down any donations that came from the hastily-concocted fundraiser Trump is speaking at tonight.  His exact words:

“If offered, @IAVA will decline donations from Trump\’s event.  We need strong policies from candidates, not to be used for political stunts.”

Good for him.  And then some.

Let\’s remember that the one and only reason this “event” has been cooked up is that Donald Trump didn\’t get his way and have Megyn Kelly removed as one of the three moderators for tonight\’s Republican Presidential Debate.  If Fox had caved, Trump would be there and the veterans groups could go scratch.

In other words, this is not at all about veterans groups, this is about Trump and nothing else.  Paul Riekhoff sees this and won\’t be a party to it.  I wonder how many other veterans\’ groups will do the same.

Further, Trump made sure that his speech would be exactly at the same time of the debate…so that viewers would have to choose which of the two events they would watch.  Every viewer who is seduced by this thin-skinned, egomaniacal baby, therefore, will miss the candidates who will be debating each other on the issues that mean something to us.  

In other words, Trump is intentionally trying minimize the number of voters who will hear the other candidates\’ positions on those issues:  i.e. the ones who did not turn tail and run away like three year olds who don\’t want to hear mommy tell them they did something wrong.  

Donald Trump, therefore, in his wholly infantile way, is intentionally trying to screw his own party by keeping voters ignorant of where his opponents stand.

But, then again, why would that matter to him?  All that matters to Donald Trump is Donald Trump.  His party? The voters?  They can go straight to hell.

And by airing this farce, CNN is helping Trump do it.  

As I mentioned yesterday, if I were Reince Priebus, I would immediately rethink allowing CNN to air next month\’s debate, which it only got because NBC is just as willing to screw Republicans as CNN is.

Donald Trump is pathetic.  I hope Fox\’s viewership overwhelm his disgusting attempt to use veterans this way.  

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