Ken Berwitz

Do you remember when Democrats were giddily happy over General David Petraeus\’s being indicted for his handling of classified emails?

I thought so.

Do you remember the five criteria on which that indictment was based? 

I thought not.  So here they are.

And do you know that, according to the analysis of Ken Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia (and, it should be noted, a Republican who presumably will not be voting for whomever wins the Democrat nomination for President this year), who has personally tried cases of this nature, Hillary Clinton is on the hook for every one of the criteria which caused General Petraeus to be indicted.

Here, pulled in abbreviated form from Jim Geraghty\’s piece at nationalreview.com, are the particulars:

-Like Petraeus, Clinton was clearly “an employee of theUnited States government.”

 –Like Petraeus, Clinton obtained and created “documentsand materials containing classified information” through her work at the StateDepartment. 

-Like Petraeus, Clinton “knowingly removed such documentsor materials.” 

-Like Petraeus, Clinton did not have the authority toremove classified information from secure locations.  

-And like Petraeus, Clinton demonstrated the “intent toretain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location.” 

Now:  will the Obama administration allow this indictment – this apparently slam-dunk indictment for anyone else besides Hillary Clinton – to go forward?  And, if it does not, What will FBI Director James Comey – a man with a rock-sold reputation for integrity – do?  Will he resign because of it?  Will he make a statement about it?

We\’ll soon find out.  And, either way, the story will be a bombshell.

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