Ken Berwitz

I don\’t watch Bill O\’Reilly much, because he talks over his guests and they rarely get a chance to voice entire sentences, let alone thoughts.  

But if the reports are correct, and Donald Trump will be on O\’Reilly\’s show tonight, I assure you I will be watching.  

What are the odds that thin-skinned/super-egotistical Trump walks off because O\’Reilly challenges his disgusting comments about Megyn Kelly?

And given that O\’Reilly and Kelly both broadcast out of Fox\’s New York studios, what happens if the two of them bump into each other while he is there?  Will Trump call Kelly a few of the names he has called her in the past day to her face? What will she answer back (I know what my answer would be, and trust me when I tell you it wouldn\’t make it past seven-second-guy in the control room).

This is a must-see.

QUICK UPDATE:  Here\’s a thought: What if Trump has had second thoughts about walking out on the debate (possibly motivated by the possibility it will turn enough Iowans off to give Cruz a victory on primary night) and is going on O\’Reilly so he can then say his appearance there  has smoothed things out, and now he\’ll show up?  I wouldn\’t bet against that – or against anything when it comes to Donald Trump.

FURTHER UPDATE:  I just read the interview will be pre-taped, so it is possible they will not be in the studio at the same time.  I also read that CNN – which just got handed the next Republican debate on a silver platter because of how partisan NBC News is (as if CNN is in any way neutral) – has decided to bite that hand by jumping to air Trump\’s speech, in competition with the debate.  Maybe the RNC should pull it from them too.

Trump\’s behavior – with CNN happy to abet him – is so childish, vindictive and obnoxious that it would not be appropriate for an elementary school.  How can anyone want this man to be President?

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