You had to know this was coming.

Now, after demonstrating their inability to handle far left agitators and street thugs, politicians in the Democrat-controlled cities around the country where the preponderance of rioting has taken place are blaming…

It’s Trump’s fault.  Donald Trump.

Yep.  Trump’s the one.  He’s the guy who started this.  He’s the guy who kneed George Floyd’s neck and then made all those racist comments about him and all other Black people.  Look, here’s the evide…..oh, wait.  Never mind.

The fact that President Trump has nothing to do with this?  That he has no legal authority to do a thing about the riots that Democrat politicians around the country are overseeing (name off all the cities involved that are run by Republicans, I dare you)?  That he has said nothing but sympathetic words about George Floyd and racial justice?  That he said “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd” – which, of course, they are?

None of that counts.  It’s Trump, I tell you.  Trump. Trump!   Get ‘im!

This is how far we have descended, folks.  This is what is being passed off by the people who are letting it happen – with the complicity and collaboration of a good many in our media.  This is what they think the general public is stupid and unthinking enough to fall for – hook, line and sinker.

And, sad to say, for a large percentage of the public, they’re right too.

What percentage?  See me in November and we’ll talk about it.


  • Do you care to comment on “when the looting starts the shooting starts?” Trump didn’t tweet that right? When was that originally used. Please refresh my memory.

    Pretty pathetic to say the president hasn’t contributed to any of this hatred. You believe what you want.

    • Let’s assume, worst-case scenario, that Trump specifically meant to say looters should be shot. Even if you disagree with the sentiment (do you think that police standing down while cities are being destroyed is the answer?), that statement was a) made after the rioting started and b) not in any way racial, but specific to looters regardless of color. You’re not making a valid point.

      • Do you care to comment on trump’s show in DC this evening? PEACEFUL protests and he uses our military to tear gas/shoot rubber bullets (all on video if you don’t want to believe me) so he can take a photo op with a bible….

        • I’ll make this short and sweet.

          They were told to move. They didn’t. If they had moved when they were asked this would not have happened.

          The president gets maximum security wherever he goes. That includes Lafayette Park. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump in particular. As someone who is in Manhattan on a regular basis I remember how convoluted traffic patterns were every time Barack Obama came into town.

          And – not that it matters given the generic need for a president’s security – how do you know the people in that park were going to be peaceful if Trump came into range? How many violent acts do you need to see emanating from “peaceful protests” this week to get you to connect the dots?

          This is my last post to you. I hope one day you will wake up and face the realities that are staring you in the face here.

          UPDATE: Now it is being reported that no tear gas at all was used. Another case of fake news?

          By the way, if you think clearing the way for Trump or any other president is an act of dictatorship, you need to think harder.

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