Here, excerpted from Rishika Dugyala’s article at, is Joe Biden’s contribution to the national carnage we have seen over much of the past week:

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday left his home for a site in Wilmington, Del., that has seen protests over the death of a black man at the hands of a white police officer.

“We are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us. We are a nation enraged, but we cannot allow our rage to consume us. We are a nation exhausted, but we will not allow our exhaustion to defeat us,” Biden wrote Sunday on social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

His posts showed a picture of him wearing a mask and kneeling across from a black man and a child. Videos on his Instagram story show the presumptive Democratic nominee taking photos and chatting with other masked men. 

“The only way to bear this pain is to turn all that anguish to purpose,” Biden added. “And as President, I will help lead this conversation — and more importantly, I will listen, just as I did today visiting the site of last night’s protests in Wilmington.”

Well, there you go.  There are the bold steps we need to address racial strife and the wanton destruction of downtown areas in cities across the country.

I mean, why haven’t we been doing this already?  All that was needed was a little pep talk and a promise to “lead a conversation and listen”, and it all would have gone away.

A lot of people think that at almost 78 years of age Joe Biden is too old, too stale, too tired to be President.

Who would have thought that, as our downtowns burn, his scripted,shopworn, barfaraneous rhetoric would be even older, more stale and more tired than he is?

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