Nero had nothing on Barack Obama.

Nero, legend has it, fiddled while Rome Burned.  But that was almost 2,000 years ago.

Today, we have Barack Obama, with consummate arrogance and obtuseness, telling us that he is going to run the country without including congress – which, according to the constitution is a co-equal branch of government – while his poll numbers burn.

The data I am about to quote come from Quinnipiac University\’s just released poll.  But they parallel the direction Mr. Obama is taking in just about every other poll as well.

Barack Obama is now considered the single worst President since World War II.  Worse than Jimmy Carter.  Worse than George W. Bush, whom Mr. Obama never tires of blaming for every failure of his administration.  Worse than Richard Nixon.  Here, let me show you the “bottom three”:

-Barack Obama:  33% say he is the worst;

-George Bush:  28%;

-Richard Nixon:  13%.

And that is far from all.  When the poll looks at individual aspects of his presidency, here is what it finds:

-Handling the economy:  Approve – 40%, Disapprove – 55%;

-Handling foreign policy:  Approve – 37%, Disapprove – 57%;

-Handling health care:  Approve – 40%, Disapprove – 58%;

-Handling terrorism:  Approve – 44%, Disapprove – 51%;

The one and only area where President Obama comes out favorably is in handling the environment (50% approve/40% disapprove) – which is far, far down the food chain in importance to the public, relative to the other areas.

There is a lot more, and I urge you to use the link I\’ve provided to read it all.

But the point is clear: if these data are accurate – and I again emphasize that this is the direction just about every other major poll is showing – than Barack Obama has a dramatically higher opinion of himself, and how his unilateral governance will be received, than what is out there in the real world.

So how do you figure the voters will react to hearing him say he will continue to bypass congress every chance he gets, and if they don\’t like it “So sue me”?

And how do you think this is going over with Democrats running for re-election in competitive districts this year?

The answer – in the form of an analogy (one of the only clean ones I remember) we used as kids in Brooklyn and Queens, is: like a lead balloon.

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