Let me begin by pointing out that we have two grandchildren – a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl (I could spend the rest of the day telling you how great they both are, but that is not the point of this blog, so I will move on).

Both of them have no problem running around their house without clothes on.  Why?  Because, as young children, they have no sense that there is anything wrong doing so.  Clothing is restrictive, so why not take it off? 

There certainly is nothing sexual about this.  It would take a special kind of pervert to think that a 4 or 7 year old thinks this way.

Which leads me to the following story, excerpted from an article at the web site for CBS News – Las Vegas.  Please pay particular attention to the part I\’ve put in bold print:

SURPRISE,Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas)– A mother is upset after her 5-year-old son received detention forwhat his school is calling “sexual misconduct.”

EricLopez, a kindergartner at Ashton Ranch Elementary School, pulled hispants down on the playground this past spring. The childreceived detention and has a note within his permanent file at theschool. At the time of the incident, his mother wasn\’t notified nordid school officials inform her that her son signed a note in theassistant principal\’s office.

Hedid not know that he could ask for me,” Eric\’s mother, EricaMartinez, told KTVK.”He\’s 5.”

DysartUnified School District has a policy that states a parent does nothave to be present for a disciplinary meeting unless the studentrequests his or her parent.

Ourschool district uses consistent language for disciplinary infractionsin order to provide clarity and track discipline data accurately,”assistant superintendent Jim Dean said in a written statement toKTVK.

Eventhough the discipline labels are consistently used and the disciplineform is consistent from grades K-12 to ensure all legal mandates aremet, the discussion the administrator has about a situation andconsequences are age appropriate,” Dean said to KTVK.

Are these people out of their minds?

A five year old pulls down his pants – which, in the mind of just about any five year old I\’ve ever come across, is the equivalent of making a silly face or trying to fart loudly (i.e. calling attention to himself in one of the few ways a 5 year old can) – and there is a “sexual misconduct” note on his permanent file?  One that he – again, a 5 year old – signed off on…without a parent being notified that any of this happened?

What happens when Eric Lopez is older and trying to get into a good school or looking for a job.  Is he going to have to explain what “sexual misconduct” he engaged in?  Maybe the school or employer won\’t even ask; maybe Eric will just be rejected outright.  After all, who wants a sexual deviant in the dorm or in the next office cubicle.

This is PC gone wild. An absolute outrage, on several levels; 

-One, obviously, is that the geniuses at this school equate a 5 year old pulling down his pants to “sexual misconduct”.   If Eric Lopez is that far beyond his age, they should not be punishing him, they should be recommending that he skip a grade or two.

-Another, just as obviously, is the punishment itself.  If a 5 year old child misbehaves, you talk to that child and tell him he can\’t behave that way.  If he keeps doing it, then you speak to his parents.  You start at the beginning of the spectrum, not the end:  you don\’t give a life sentence to someone for jaywalking.

-Then there is Assistant Superintendent Dean\’s explanation that “the discipline form is consistent from grades K-12”.  In other words, a 5 year old kindergartner is held to the same rules/is expected to have the same understanding of sexual misconduct, as that of an 18 year old high school senior. 

Note to Assistant Superintendent Dean:  if the rules are this idiotic, then you try to change them.  You don\’t flip the “off” switch on your cerebrum and dumbly, robotically damage a child for life.  Is it asking too much that we expect educators to think about what they do, and the consequences of their actions?

-Finally – and this one hits home personally – there is the fact that, if these ridiculous, mindless, robots can do such a thing in one school, they can do it in another as well.  Our grandchildren have never been in any trouble of this kind – but the thought that they, or one of their schoolmates, are vulnerable to being accused and convicted of “sexual misconduct” for doing nothing other than acting their age, is truly frightening.

I wish Ms. Martinez every success in fighting this idiotic action.  And I wish every educator in the country the strength, and honor, to act with logic and thought, rather than with robotical mindlessness.

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