With the tidal wave of illegal aliens streaming into the United States, and the Obama administration happy to take them in, then transport them to locations around the country instead of following the law and deporting them, it\’s nice to know there still is at least one illegal-free zone.

The Today Show.

This morning\’s show started its report on the flood of illegals by referring to them as “migrant families” and “undocumented immigrants”.  It then presented a video report about illegals being prevented from getting off busses in Murrieta, California by angry residents – a report that was highly sympathetic to the illegals, of course.  Afterwards, Matt Lauer asked us to share our comments about incident, using the hashtag “#refugeeriders”.

Please note that I used the term “illegal” several times just now.  But remember, it was just me:  that term was not used even once during the entire Today Show segment.  Other than a translated quote from one of the illegals, there was no mention at all of conditions in the countries this mass influx of illegals is coming from.  No outcry for them to take care of their own citizens.  No, no, no.  That wouldn\’t be nice.  

And there certainly was no mention of how Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico handle illegals who enter their own countries (though we know from experience what Mexico does – either tosses them right back where they came from, or allows them free passage so they can illegally enter the USA.  That\’s some ally were have there).

So if you are upset about President Obama, eric holder, and the rest of this administration ignoring the law to bring untold numbers of illegals into the United States, be reassured by the fact that there is at least one place where they are nonexistent.  The Today Show.

Great going, guys. Now that\’s what I call journalism.  With a capital BS.

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