THE “I’M NOT _________, I’M A __________GAMBIT

“I’m not an actor, I’m a movie star”:  Peter O’Toole, as Alan Swann in “My Favorite Year”.

We laughed and laughed at that line and the ton of irony it carried along for the ride.

But that was a movie script.  This is a real quote:

“I’m not the left. I’m a journalist.” 

That absolute howler, to those of us who have watched/listened to her for any length of time, came from CNN’s “journalist” hoste, Poppy Harlow, as she interviewed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on the medicaid “cuts” – which, as he correctly pointed out, are not cuts at all, just reductions in the increases.

Here is a transcript of their exchange:

JORDAN: We need to do all we can to help with that situation, in cities like Dayton and some of the cities that I get to represent in western and north central Ohio. So, you know, that’s — but, to the Medicaid issue. Remember, it is not a cut in Medicaid. It is just a reduction in the rate of growth. So it’s still going to grow a lot over the next ten years.

HARLOW: Come on, Congressman! That is semantics. There’s inflation. There’s inflation and costs have to grow and budgeting has to grow with that. I mean that is semantics. It will be cut by $834 billion for the next decades from where it would be under — 

JORDAN: Again, the left always — 

HARLOW:  I’m not the left. I’m a journalist. 

No, Poppy, you’re not the left.  You’re right down the center, everyone knows that. Honest.

To say what she is not to the left, Poppy Harlow is either intentionally lying or blissfully ignorant. One or the other.

Can someone tell me which the good one is?


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