Just in case you thought Baltimore State\’s Attorney marilyn mosby could not be more repulsive, we have this, excerpted from Chuck Ross\’s article at

The office of Baltimore City state\’s attorney Marilyn Mosby is claiming that her personal Twitter account was hacked and that she did not “favorite” a racially-charged tweet and another one calling the six Baltimore cops charged in the Freddie Gray case “thugs.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported on the denial but also cast some doubt on the claim.

Earlier on Wednesday, The Daily Caller reported on the two tweets in question, which were posted on May 6.

One called the officers charged in the Gray case “those 6 THUG cops.” The other tweet, from a different user, praised Mosby\’s handling of the case and asserted that she “INFURIATES a certain kind of white person.”

Mosby tweeted from her personal account on May 23 that her official government account had been hacked. But she made no reference to a breach of her personal account.

(Fox News host Megyn) Kelly cast some doubt on the claim, pointing out that the tweets in question were from several weeks ago. Further, it would be odd if the alleged hacker merely favorited two random tweets.

Yeah, we believe you, marilyn. Your sterling record of neutrality so far is what makes us so certain.  Honest.

The fact that marilyn mosby has not either recused herself voluntarily or been removed from this case is a flat-out miscarriage of justice.  The best thing I can say about her is that she\’s probably not worse than Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Is Baltimore ever screwed.

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