Do you like to see people caught in hypocrisy?  I mean big-time hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy on steroids.

If so, you\’re going to love this.

Excerpted from John Merline\’s article at Investors Business Daily:

Those who think the minimum wage doesn\’t cost jobs might want to have a chat with unions in Los Angeles.

After pushing for a big hike in that city\’s minimum wage – which will climb to $15 an hour by 2020 – labor leaders now want an exemption for companies that have unionized workers.

Why? Because, according to Rusty Hicks, head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, “with a collective bargaining agreement, a business owner and the employees negotiate an agreement that works for them both. The agreement allows each party to prioritize what is important to them.”

The union exemption would, Hicks said, give “the parties the option, the freedom, to negotiate that agreement. And that is a good thing.”

Wait just a minute.

Isn\’t this precisely what happens when anyone applies for a job, whether it\’s through collective bargaining or one-on-one?

Yes it is John.  And the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do unions know it as well as you do. 

Could it possibly be that they fear a minimum wage this high means workers don\’t really need unions anymore, and therefore don\’t need to hand over hard-earned money in dues? 

I wonder how much these geniuses thought about that before making the $15 demand.  I wonder how much they thought about how many jobs will be lost, how many businesses will close, if the minimum wage goes up faster than the market can handle it.

I bet they\’re thinking about them now.

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