You\’ve got to be kidding.  The President makes him a regular guest at the White House, New York Mayor bill de blasio treats him like they\’re going to be picking out furniture together, and now the Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut?

The fact that this career racist, Black supremacist, anti-Semite, deadbeat, tax cheat is anywhere near a seat of power is sickening under any circumstances.  But the fact that he remains one of the most powerful men in the Democrat Party – to de blasio and right up to President Obama – is not just sickening.  It is a sickness – and it appears to be a chronic one that affects more and more Democrats.

The latest?  Not content with kissing up to sharpton as he turned two instances in which White police officers were involved in the deaths of Black males into racial firestorms (even though, other than the perp being Black, neither incident appears to have any racial component – in the case of Eric Garner, the ranking officer on the scene was, herself, Black), we now have the Mayor of Bridgeport, Bill Finch, showing him love for, if you can believe it, climate change.

That\’s right, climate change.

Here is Ian Hanchett\’s article at (too short to excerpt):

Bridgeport, CT Mayor Bill Finch (D) thanked MSNBC anchor Al Sharpton for”fighting the good fight on climate change” during a report on Winter Storm Juno on Monday\’s “PoliticsNation.”

After urging residents to stay off the roads and reporting that emergency workers were ensuring that the elderly and homeless population were taking care of, Finch told Sharpton “thank you for your show, Reverend, you\’ve been fighting the good fight on climate change, and we can see the crazy climate here, and we\’d like to have a little bit more of you down in Washington.”

There you go. “The Reverend”, who got that title when he was declared a Pentecostal Minister at the age of 9, and then a Baptist minister when he was about 40 – neither with any formal training that I can find a record of – has now been declared an oracle of climate change.

The only “climate change” this joke of a man has ever engaged in is making sure the racial climate stays at fever pitch, so he can find ways to benefit from it.

Can you even begin to imagine what our wonderful “neutral” media would say about a Republican version of al sharpton if he had even a fraction of the access to Republican Presidents, Mayors, etc. that sharpton has? 

al sharpton is a disgrace.  And media which have no problem looking the other way on his behalf are every bit as disgraceful.

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