As we talked about last week, mainstream media again imposed a virtual news blackout on the March For Life, which is held in Washington D.C. every year on January 22, the anniversary of Roe V Wade.

And, as I point out every year when it happens, regardless of your position on abortion, it is an absolute disgrace that the same media which will fall all over itself to report a few hundred activists  – sometimes just a few dozen – who spout positions most of them appear to be in sympathy with, will bury an event of this magnitude, apparently because it is in opposition to their position on the issue.

Brent Bozell, at Media Research Centers, has compiled a number of reactions to this latest example of self-imposed news censorship.  Here are just a few (but you can read them all by clicking here):

“If200,000 people showed up in Washington to protest in favor of almostany other cause, it would be considered national news by nearly everynewspaper or network. The decision to ignore America\’s biggest marchyet again shows that U.S. mainstream media, including the Big Threenetworks, has no interest in reporting on anything that might harmits agenda — and nothing undercuts that agenda more than hundreds ofthousands of mostly young people coming to D.C. to support life.” 

Editor-in-Chief Co-Founder,

 “Themedia blackout of this gigantic march shows how proud thesejournalists are to wear their politics on their sleeve. They do adisservice to the public, which accounts for why they are held insuch low regard.”

President, The Catholic League

“MostAmericans could be forgiven if they had no idea that 200,000 peopletook to the streets of the nation\’s capital every year to mark theanniversary of Roe v. Wade. After all, how would they know? Protests,like Occupy Wall Street, get major news coverage only when theyadvance the agenda of the mainstream media.” 


“Whenmore than a quarter of a million people come to one city on one dayfor one cause – how can any real journalist not consider it to beworth covering?  Yet that\’s exactly what happened when the42nd annual March for Life was held in Washington on January 22. I\’ll bet that every other cause or protest-related rallydrawing over 100,000 people to the nation\’s capital in the lastyear was covered and covered excessively, while the March for Lifewas treated as if it never even happened.”

President, Let Freedom Ring

“It\’snot surprising when the big media ignore large gatherings inWashington – year after year – of hundreds of thousands ofpro-life activists, but it is unprofessional and betrays theirabsolute bias. As a journalist, senior newspaper executive and mediaentrepreneur for more than 35 years, I\’m genuinely ashamed at whatmy industry has become. Not only do they avoid debate and discussionof the sanctity of life, they seek to distort the issue by hidinggatherings with the vigor one would expect only in a totalitarian,closed society with a government-controlled media.”

Editor and Chief Executive Officer,, WND Books, WNDFilms

When it comes to ethics, integrity and professionalism, mainstream media seem to have no problem disgracing themselves, do they?

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